The world of Loner’s

The Internet, the place for ultimate virtuality is making our life lonelier than ever. The rising trends of internet users can have serious implications on health. Studies shows that people spend more time on internet than actually doing the same work by being physically present. Like talking to friends and family on online chat-rooms rather than talking face to face. There is no doubt that across everything internet has cut boundaries. There is no line of control. There is no master. There is no servant. Nor there is distance. But it does threat us with some serious consequences.

It threat us by widening the Digital Gap, by invading our homes in the form of work and the consequences are obesity in children and stooped back. While sociocultural impacts cannot even be measured. These impacts would shape up in the years to come as Internet is practically new.

The access to internet should be restricted to bare minimum at home. Work should be left in office and social interactions between families should be increased. Internet access to kids should be monitored and talked if things go beyond control.

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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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10 Responses

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    So very true!! Our life revolves around internet! If we ever have to be at a place for some time without internet, it would give panic attacks to most of us! And now with smart phones, even that gap is bridged and you find people constantly busy with their phones… whether in a party or on vacations…

  2. divsi says:

    whens the last tym we made a hand made card..?or met the frn livin in the same colony except wall conversations???
    very nicely written…n soo true!:)

  3. @Shilpa : Yes thats true, thats why we need to check the usage in homes particularly. These are not signs for Humankind!! 🙂

  4. @Divsi : I miss them too!! Hope we learn from the mistakes we are making! Thank you.

  5. R-A-J says:

    And in other news…. 🙂

    Hey Rohit,

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  6. Sakshi says:

    I really love being a devil’s advocate-
    On the other hand, I am connected with my entire family living out of India thanks to the magic of the internet.
    I am able to at the click of a button be able find what I want.

    But yes, you are right when you say that the kids are having an over exposure. But isn’t there a flipside to every situation!

  7. @RAJ : I dont know what u mean…. but thankz…. Cheers all the way!! 🙂

  8. @Sakshi : Thank you!! I know what you mean…. Happy to hear from you as always!! I just mean to balance things up…. you know how rude internet can be on psychology of human especially childrens!!

  9. Sourav says:

    A post worth thinking about, the stats worth a lot of observing! And sadly these stats are true for most of us!

  10. @Sourav : Thankz dude!! i bet they are! 🙂

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