World Cuisines come alive at – ‘Zamozza’

Zamozza – World Kitchen and Bar recently opened at Janpath, Delhi adjacent to Bombay Shiv Sagar. Zamozza boasts its world cuisines menu and have dishes from around the world. Once inside, the place looks as if we are in a classical Greek-Roman Bistro. The ambiance speaks in itself and the light music makes your evening worthwhile.Zamozza

At Zamozza every little thing has been thought through from the plates to the cups, from the bottles to the glasses. Each of the items are served in wooden plates/bowls. These cutlery items have been bought from different parts of the world, to make our experience unique. Being a rectangular shaped restaurant it feels as if we are in a large banquet hall and we could see each corner of the restaurant from anywhere. The hall is lit with beautiful lamps. The seating arrangement comprises of sofas at one corner and chairs on another while the center has a large mountain top table.


We ordered our drinks:-

Colada Blue – Pineapple juice blended with fresh cream, served in a Milk Bottle decorated with Blue Curacao. 9/10

Garden frost – Made from fresh cucumber, mint and lemonade. Refreshing in taste. 8/10

Apple Basil Martini – Unique combination of Green apple, basil and lime, served in a martini glass. 9/10

King of Queens – Sweet Mango Juice with fresh cream and Khus syrup at the bottom. The duo of fresh cream and Mango is indeed remarkable. 8/10


We then ordered our appetizers/main course:-

Mezze Platter – The platter had deep fried Chickpea falafels, Peri peri Cottage Cheese, 3 types of dips and pita bread. The Chickpea falafels were moist from inside and crispy from outside. The 3 homemade dips were amazing. Great combination and a must try! 9/10

Exotic Vegetable Thai Satay – Broccoli, Babycorn, Tofu and Mushroom on a stick served with Peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is the heart of the dish. 8/10

Nachos – Corn Nachos with toppings of beans, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeno. Though it is a Mexican dish, the spicy taste reminds you of the Delhi chats. 8/10


Vegetable Dimsums – With Oriental spices sauce like the Black beans sauce, sweet chili sauce, orange sauce. Never had such delicious Dimsums in the life. Could have eaten all night long. A perfect 10/10!

Mexican Rice – 5 layered colorful Mexican rice. The taste of Salsa is just embedded into this dish while the nachos give the dish its crunchy texture. 7/10


We then ordered our desserts:-

Tiramisu – Classical Italian dessert made from mascarpone cheese and coffee. Served with homemade biscotti and white chocolate parfait. 7/10

Crispy Waffles – Hot Homemade waffles served with strawberry sauce, Nutella sauce, maple syrup and honey and vanilla icecream. 8/10


The Scorecard:-

Food/Taste – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 7/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 8/10

Overall Rating – 4/5
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Must Have: Vegetable Dimsums, Mezze Platter, Colada Blue, Apple Basil Martini, Crispy Waffles

Classical ambiance and great appetizers!


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