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A day trip to Mangalore, Karnataka

Mangalore or Mangaluru is a coastal city in Karnataka. It is known for its rich heritage, culture and ofcourse food. The town is well connected from Bangalore and takes around 7-8hours to reach depending...


Ladakh – The Ultimate Checklist

The Land of High Passes or ‘Ladakh‘ is a different ecosystem of its own. Ladakh is a cold dessert in the Northern part of India, where the weather changes every now and then. It...


Festival of India – Holi

Holi or the Festival of Colors, where the festivity in India is at its prime during this period. This festival is not only celebrated in India but other parts of the world as well.


First ever Helicopter Ride

 Most of us have had few/many airplane rides, but recently I got a chance to be part of a Helicopter ride. No I was not being saved from any rescue operations.  In fact I...