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  1. Jash Shah says:

    Hi I am from Mumbai and wish to open an instapizza outlet here. My contact no.09619290646. Thank you.

  2. Greetings For the Day !!!

    One of my friend told me about your blog. Your writing is just amazing. I have read your blogs they are pretty informative and useful too. Let me give you my quick introduction.

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  3. Sucharith says:

    Hi Rohit I have opened a cafe in malleshwaram. Its called plates n play and its very much new. Wanted to know how can you help. my email id is [email protected]

  4. Hello Rohit,

    we are looking for food bloggers to endorse and promote Pristine Organics food products. Do let us know your interest and commercials you charge.

    marketing team
    Pristine Organics
    Pristine Organics recently posted…Fresh From The OvenMy Profile

  5. cup_chronicles,

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  6. The Rudie's says:
  7. Samantha Milan says:


    I am looking to get in touch with someone that works with your marketing or support team. My name is Samantha, and I help clients install/replace live chat software on their websites.

    If your company has considered adding or changing chat software providers on, we do live webinars each week to demo our product and encourage anyone to attend a 30 minute session. Our product is free to use for three months, so you can truly experiment and see if it improves sales/support interactions with your visitors.

    Please let me know if you’d like to learn more and I’d be happy to provide more information!

    Samantha Milan
    Chat Service Division, Tyipe LLC
    500 Westover Drive, #15391
    Sanford, NC 27330

    If you’re not interested, feel free to opt out here

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