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Ambarsari Chowk opened only a few weeks back and is here to stay. The place has got a niche market to serve – Pure Punjabi Food. Though Delhi NCR doesn’t have scarcity of Punjabi Food outlets but only a few has been able to keep it authentic and therefore almost all the dishes here are made in pure Desi Ghee. The place is located in Baani Square, South City 2, Gurgaon and can comfortably accommodate 40 people inside and few more outside.


The ambiance is unique with glimpses of Punjab everywhere. While on one corner you can see the Punjabi Pankhi (hand-fan) the other side is decorated with the Dholak and the Chimta. Wooden designing’s running through the corners and central pillar. The seating was cosy with one side running a sofa with soft cushions the other had wooden easy-chairs. The menu is precise and focused on traditional dishes only. Here is a review of some of the items we tried:-

Drink –

Nimbu Pani – Perfect Indian Summer Cooler, well balance of sweet and sour taste. 7.5/10

Aam Panna – Raw Mango Drink with spices like coriander and green chili. You can actually taste the crushed raw mango. 9/10

Sweet Lassi – Thick sweet Punjabi Lassi made from fresh curd. A must try. 9/10


Appetizers –

Panner Tikka – Super soft Panner Tikka grilled with vegetables like Onion, tomato and Capsicum. Served with Green Chutney and raw chili onions. The green chutney was minty-sour and the raw onions were bliss! 7.5/10

Dahi Ke Kebab – The Dahi Ke Kebab here are huge and after having 2 of these I am sure you won’t ask for anything else. Flavorful but wish the thickness of the cover was a little thicker. The kebab’s were topped with a gentle sprinkle of Chat-Masala. 7.5/10

Tandoori Aloo – Stuffed Tandoori grilled Aloo with rich flavors of fennel seeds. Loved the taste of the outer covered Potato. 7.5/10


Main Course –

Dal Ambarsari (Dal Makhani) – Dal Makhani is synonymous to Punjabi, but the Dal here is different. The dal along with butter is left to shimmer all night until it becomes completely creamy in texture then finished with Indian spices mix. Topped with desi ghee and fresh cream. Amazing in taste and very thick in texture. 8/10

Aloo Jeera – Subtle taste of Jeera and finished with coriander leaves on top. This will always appeal to a hungry stomach! 7.5/10

Mushroom Matar – Now here is something you cannot resist. Super delicious rich gravy of Mushrooms and Matar (Peas). Never had such an amazing curry. Please visit Ambarsari Chowk, and try this! 10/10

Panner Paratha – The Panner Paratha was stuffed properly which had reached all the sides. The Panner stuffing was flavorful. 8/10


Dessert –

Ambarsari Phirni – Phirni with flavor of cardamom and topped with crushed pistachios and almonds, the sweetness was well balanced and you may call it Diet Phirni. 7/10


The portion sizes at Ambarsari Chowk needs a special mention as they are huge and most of the customers pack their leftovers. The value for money is therefore remarkable compared to the portion sizes. The service was good, without any complains. Ambarsari Chowk served 100% authentic Punjabi Food and if you are looking to try some of those dishes in Delhi NCR, this is ‘THE’ place.

The Scorecard:-

Food/Taste – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Ambiance – 8/10
Quantity/Quality – 9/10

Overall Rating – 4.1/5
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Must Have: Mushroom Matar, Dal Ambarsari (Dal Makhani), Sweet Lassi , Aam Panna

Be ready to be stuffed with Pure Punjabi Food!

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