Wok in the Clouds, Khan Market, New Delhi

With 3 outlets around Delhi, ‘Wok in the Clouds’ is here to make a buzz. The outlet in the main Khan Market was opened in April, 2014 and has been . The restaurant houses some amazing food including Chinese, Thai, Continental and North Indian dishes being there best. On one floor the outlet has fine dining and the top floor has a bistro and lounge bar. We decided to sit in the lounge bar as it also has outside seating. The ambiance is breath-taking and the music really gets you going. Loved the atmosphere inside with comfortable seating arrangements including sofa and wooden chairs. The walls are adorned with modern art and there is a hint of African wood-work with brick walls and huge mirrors.



Wok in the Clouds



20141213_150126-2000We started with the Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad. The salad was outstanding. The scooped Watermelon was served with fresh basil, lettuce, pine nuts and most importantly Feta Cream Cheese. As soon as the watermelon and feta cheese is put in the mouth the sweet melon with the tangy flavors of feta cheese cream just blends together to create a creamy texture that is unforgettable. Loved the presentation as well. A must have here!

Wok in the CloudsIMG_20141213_140227-2000

For drinks we ordered the Basil Margarita, Orange and Coriander Mojito and the Kokum Mocktail. The Fresh Basil Margarita had sweet as well as salty flavors. The Orange and Coriander Mojito was classical, superb in taste. The Kokum drink was great and something different than regular mocktails. We also ordered the Mai Tai, loved the flavors of the drink.

Wok in the Clouds






For starters we had the Vegetable Triangles. The triangles were inspired with flavors from South Africa. The crispy from outside triangles were melting from inside. The stuffing was made out of exotic vegetables mashed with cheese and served with sweet chili sauce. Loved it! The Mushroom Caps was another favorite. The Mushroom were stuffed with cheese and then deep fried to perfection. Then served with creamy spinach sauce. Amazing combination of flavors and textures. Their Dahi Ke Kebab was delicious. The deep fried Kebab’s had amazing stuffing but the outside was equally good with poppadom crumbs.

Wok in the Clouds

Wok in the Clouds


Wok in the Clouds



We absolutely loved their starters range (Chinese starters, Indian Starters and Continental Starters) so we decided to order some more. We then had the Baked Mushroom caps. The Mushroom was stuffed with rich cheesy goodness. The Surkh Zaitooni Tandoori Aloo were spicy but very flavorful. The green chutney just balanced the flavors. The Tandoori Malai Broccoli just melted in the mouth.


Wok in the Clouds




We were so stuffed by this time, but we wanted to try their Main course. We ordered the Panner Burji, Dal Makhani and Mirch Ka Salan. The Panner Burji was very flavorful. The Dal Makhani just steals the show. A place that makes such delicious Dal cannot go wrong when it comes to food. The Michi Ka Salan was a delight, the eggplant was just tender and the peanut curry was tangy. We had a choice to try some amazing range of breads including Tandoori roti’s, different Paratha’s and Naan’s. The Main course was as great as the starters.






Oh god we were so full! But (again) no meal is complete without Desserts. So we had their Kulfi’s. They had rose, coconut, Mango and chocolate flavored Kulfi’s. Loved their rose and coconut Kulfi. The last stop was made at Sizzling Brownie. The Brownie is kept on a hot plate topped with a scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream and then chocolate sauce is poured slowly to create the sizzling effect.

Wok in the Clouds

Wok in the Clouds

The experience at ‘Wok in the Clouds’ is unforgettable, the music and ambiance never fades but the food is worth the ‘buzz’.

The Scorecard:-
Food/Taste – 9/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 8/10

Overall Rating – 4.2/5
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Must Have: Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad, Vegetable Triangles, Mushroom Caps, Surkh Zaitooni Tandoori Aloo, Orange and Coriander Mojito, Kokum Mocktail, Dal Makhani, Mirchi Baigan Salan.

Amazing atmosphere, great food!

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