Bloggerization of the Bug Bite

Sometimes you just sit and wonder what to write. So many incidents took place but none can be converted into a blog. I am sure all the avid bloggers out there, look around all day to just get the glimpse of their next blog. Well there are others who get ideas as soon as they get a blank page. And few others have a very clear idea about what to write. I fall in none of these categories.

First let me tell you about “bloggerization” . By Bloggerization I mean converting incidents, activities etc etc into blogs. Sometimes some weird ideas and incidents can also be bloggerized. I mean i was surprised when this idea stuck me. My next blog would be on a “bug”.

Someone stole all the ideas from me today. “Bed bugs”, yes those creepy blood-sucking creatures are killing me. I couldnā€™t sleep the entire night. Must have got bitten a 100 times. Was hip-hopping on my bed like a kangaroo. And most importantly they took my peaceful sleep. After much precaution and spraying i finally got a sleep at 5am. And then the alarm rang at 7am. I am feeling, as if i am in a third world, where everything moves like a sea plant. I want to sleep in my office or where ever, there is peace. I want to sleep on a cosy bed (obviously free from bugs) with dim light and no one to disturb. I finally understood today, that human disturbance is better than being bitten by a bug. Why did God sent those bugs, i would have learned the lesson without them too!

(P.S- Fingers crossed on what I am going to do with those bugs today! White flags! These bugs can even survive a nuclear bomb explosion!)

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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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2 Responses

  1. Harshita says:


    Reminds me of Starship Troopers… now that’s funny, Harshita…stop it!! LOL

  2. I finally got my house under pest control…. those bloody creatures are all dead!! May their souls … REST IN PEACE!!

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