The Bro code…

If you think Barney Stinson(character from “How I met your mother”) inspired me to write this, that wont be wrong. This is the bro-code (“Brother Code”) and should be followed by all the brother’s in the world.

The few interesting rules are here:-
  • In a 6 person hot tub, there should be a maximum of 3 guys.
  • A man should not sing and dance at the same time.
  • A man should not watch Oxygen, Womens Entertainment, or Lifetime.
  • Men do not lie about their age.
  • A Man should not swing his arms when he is walking.
  • A man should never carry a woman’s handbag.
  • A man should never go tanning.
  • No man should dye their hair.
  • A man should never refer to an athlete as a “stud”.
  • A man should never cry during a movie. In the event that he does, he must under no circumstance admit it to anyone other than a girl he is trying to score with.
  • A man should not wear a scarf without a jacket or coat.
  • A man should not wear an ascot.
  • A man should never use the following words: fantabulous, ginormous & fierce.
  • A man should never wrap a towel around his head after leaving the shower.
  • A man should never “sip” and alcoholic drink through a straw.
  • A man should never wear a blouse.
  • A man should never wear a sweater over his shoulders.
  • A man should not eat grapes from the vines.
  • A man should never rollerblade.
  • If you compliment a guy on his six-pack, you better be referring to his beer.
  • A man should never, ever wear capri pants.
  • A man should not wear flip flops with a suit.
  • No man should wear a speedo to the beach.
  • No man should make a kissing face in a photo.
  • No man should wear girl jeans.
  • A man should never highlight his hair.
  • A man should not talk to another man in the bathroom.
  • Two men should not share an umbrella.
Well there are a few more, but they are too male dominated and cannot be “bloggerized”.
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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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