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York, UK

York, England, UK – an amazing town. See some amazing pictures.


What would Kate miss?

Just a month more and you will witness the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Though a lot of fuss has already been created on it. But read an article which gives a...


A Walk through London

On of the greatest cities for tourist attraction, London. I took a walk through the heart of the city and found out why people come here again and again.


Shopping in Manchester, UK

Its been 2 months in UK and i dont even feel like I am in a ‘phoreign‘ country. Until, today because it didnt snow till last week and I didnt go for shopping. Shopping...


UK Files: Day One

It would be the first time when I have come to a foreign country. But my experience has been great on the very beginning. The journey was tiringly long, almost 20 hours. Flights after...