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Do you stick by your plans?

Do you make a lot of plans in your life? Does your life go according to those plans? May be , may not be… may not be always. 1 thing I have learned in life,...


A tribute to all the Bloggers

This is a tribute to all the bloggers around the globe for creating such wonderful, vivid, mind-blowing posts which are amazingly unique and realistic.


Does career mean everything to you?

If your answer is Yes. This article is probably for you. And if your answer is no you are probably safe. When i was in college I came across few people … people for...


Radiators and Drains

Well this is not original i am just re-iterating an article written in a book. P.S :- Preeti Shenoy’s, 34 Bubblegums and Candies. A story on the different kind of people around you. Basically...


Is the Internet answer to all our queries?

The world has changed. This has been possible because of thousands of new inventions and the reliability to use them efficiently. But one inventions has changes the entire perspective of the Human race …...


The best days of my life, just passed by.

The best days of my life, just passed by … any guess’ ? You say the banner guyz….Its my college days … ofcourse. Everyone tells me that school days are the best, i definately...

MRP for Maximum Return Price 4

MRP for Maximum Return Price

You must have always heard that MRP stands for Maximum Retail Price , but here in Bangalore , shopkeepers have given it a new defination Maximum Return Price. Things like Milk, Curd , Cold...