A day trip to Mangalore, Karnataka

Mangalore or Mangaluru is a coastal city in Karnataka. It is known for its rich heritage, culture and ofcourse food. The town is well connected from Bangalore and takes around 7-8hours to reach depending on the road conditions. Roaming in and around Mangalore is a breeze, thanks to the auto-rickshaws here, which take you to every nook and corner, that too at meter rates (something that you definitely don’t see in Bangalore).

Some of the places that we strolled around are:

  1. Sri Mangaladevi Temple – Located in the heart of the city, Mangalore is named after this temple only. Built in the 9th century the temple still holds most of its structure. As per legends the temple was believed to be built by Lord Parashurama himself. Once inside, immerse yourself in the spiritual world and take a leisurely walk around the temple premises. 
  1. Panambur Beach / Tannirbhavi Beach – Located on the Mangalore – Udupi Highway, this beach is popular among locals as well as tourists. The approach road to Panambur Beach may be filled with oil tankers but once you’re on the beach enjoy the cool breeze and the clean sand. This Beach has few eateries and shopping shacks. Just dip your feets in the cool water and enjoy the sunset/sunrise. Avoid going here during the day as it may get too hot. A near-by option is Tannirbhavi Beach which is less crowded with a better approach road. 
Mangalore Trip
Mangalore Trip
Mangalore Trip
  1. Saint Aloysius Chapel – Part of the Saint Aloysius School & College, this is a beautiful chapel. The paintings on the ceiling are mesmerizing, reminding of a renaissance setting. Don’t forget to visit the Saint Aloysius Museum just next to the chapel. 
  1. City Center Mall – If you are looking to shop there are multiple options in Mangalore. One of the top malls is the City Center Mall which houses multiple brands and has plenty of activities for kids. This mall is very close to Saint Aloysius Chapel.
  1. Udupi Cafe – This cafe is located opposite to City Center Mall and cannot be missed. It serves some authentic Udupi dishes along with being a multicuisine restaurant. The cafe also has a service hall. The Paneer Tikka with Basil and Garlic, was out of the world. You may also order their South Indian Thali for a unique experience. 
Mangalore Trip
  1. Pabba’s – One of the legendary ice-cream cafes in Mangalore. There are no words to describe the unique ice-cream flavours and the fan following of this place. Be ready to wait as the queues are extremely long. The Special Gudbud Icecream is even more legendary here. The ice-creams are super smooth. They also have few fast food items. 
Mangalore Trip

Mangalore is a city that has many things to offer be it temples, malls, beaches and legendary eateries. A day trip to this city is just scraping off the iceberg. 

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