Dravyam – Wood Cold Pressed Oil

Dravyam extracts oil using traditional wood cold pressed techniques without heating or adding any chemicals. This slow process of extracting oil without heating it to a high temperature preserves all its nutrients and enzymes. It is not only good for health but also enhances taste as well. Dravyam maintains a great source of the raw material so that the premium quality of its oil is maintained. Dravyam even goes one step further when it comes to extraction of these oils. The oil is made in a stone mill with a wooden pestle rotating slowly without damaging the key nature of these oil, just like the way our ancestors used to extract from thousands of years. The oils are kept unrefined so that the natural sediments are not removed.

Dravyam - Wood Cold Pressed Oil

These oils are chemical-free unlike the oils we use these days being treated with chemicals like Sodium, Hexane, Hydroxide, Bleaching Agents, Sodium bicarbonate etc. We recently tried some of their oils which are packed in different quantities like 200ml, 500ml, 1liter and even 5liter packing. These oils enhance the taste of the food significantly as it contains no preservatives.  

Coconut Oil – Great source of saturated fat, this oil saturated at room temperatures. It also contains Lauric acid which has antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties. It helps in weight loss, improves immune system, increases HDL or good cholesterol. The cold pressed coconut oil can be used for both internal and external usage.

Dravyam - Wood Cold Pressed Oil

Groundnut Oil – This is a vegetable oil derived from peanuts. It is a great source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that protects our body from free radical damage and reducing the risk of heart diseases. Great source of unsaturated fats, minerals and can be used as skin care as well.

Sunflower Oil – It is made with poly-saturated fats which lowers cholesterol levels, boosts skin care and energy levels, reduces inflammation in body. This oil is known to even have anti-cancer potential.

Note: Sediments are part of the natural cold pressed oils and you may see them floating around. If kept untouched for a longtime the sediments can settle at the bottom.

Dravyam also extract variety of other oils like Sesame Oil / Castor Oil / Bhringaraj Oil / Safflower Oil in various quantities. Buy Dravyam Cold Pressed oil today from www.dravyam.in

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