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Shiro is no doubt one of the most luxurious restaurants when it comes to Pan-Asian food. Located in UB City the place is just huge taking up an entire building with soaring interiors and low seating. As soon as you walk-in, you are greeted with huge figures of Buddha and Angles by the side. This ultra luxury lounge has a sensual feeling to everything around and is built to represent an Asian Castle. There is even an outdoor seating by the garden right across the enormous colorful bar. Read the Bento Box review on Shiro here.

The Dim Sip festival is currently underway which is an exotic experience to try some of the toothsome dumplings along with eye-catching cocktails. We tried some really exotic cocktails like the Grapefruit and Elder Flower Martini – a drink made with grape fruit juice and elder flower syrup. The Rosemary and Pomegranate Martini was my favorite with fresh pomegranate juice and rosemary. The presentation of this drink was nothing less than phenomenal. The Berry Sour is flavored with black currant syrup, lime and egg white and is served with anardana. And lastly if you like bitters and cinnamon then the Mystery Merger is just for you.

dumplings and more - Shiro - Rohit Dassani

The dishes served at the Dim Sip Festival is curated from the very best of dumplings. First, we tried the Charcoal Miso Vegetable Dumplings, this Miso (fermented soybeans) flavored assorted vegetable dumplings is filled inside a charcoal soaked translucent wrapper. Don’t worry about the charcoal as it is totally edible. We even had some of the dumpling from the old menu like the Spicy Broccoli and Water Chestnut Dumpling with a hint of chili, Spinach and Corn Dumpling, Crystal Dumpling with shitake mushroom, carrot, zucchini and Chinese cabbage, Chi Chow style dumpling with chopped asparagus, bell peppers, baby corn, carrot, peanuts and water chestnuts. Each has a unique flavor and texture!

dumplings and more - Shiro - Rohit Dassani

Next, we had the Beetroot Crystal a dumpling with softly cooked beetroot. This super red colored dimsum is truly exotic in every sense. The beetroot was cooked to perfection as it had a sweet aftertaste. But my personal favorite was the Exotic Mushroom Dumpling. This dumpling is filled with three kinds of mushrooms in sweet, tangy flavor with a hint of chili and coriander. The coriander gave it a lovely kick and we still wondered how mushroom and coriander can go so well. And lastly, the Edamame and truffle dumpling is probably the best seller at Shiro. The edamame was cooked to a creamy consistency and is infused with truffle oil. Just amazing!!

The Dim Sip festival also houses some far-flung Asian delicacies as well. Like the Vegetable Wanton with Sichuan chili oil. The steamed vegetable wanton is served with house special Sichuan chili oil on top with spring onion and sesame seeds. You have to try it to experience the taste. After one bite you just cannot stop eating! The Tofu Gua Bao is another such example. With seared tofu steak in pepper sauce filled inside a sweet, soft bun; you can experience the entire array of textures possible. But the best was probably the Silken Tofu Steak. This tofu is ultra soft and therefore called silken. It breaks at the slighted touch and just melted in the mouth. It is probably the softest tofu we have ever had. This Steamed tofu with soy is served with spring onion, peanuts and chilies on top!

The experience of the dumplings and Asian delicacies left us satisfied, but we still had some room for desserts. The Mandarin Chocolate Velvet Cake is a flourless orange and almond cake layered with rich chocolate mousse. While the Chocolate Volcano is a dark chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and served with vanilla ice-cream. Both the desserts were super big and totally worth the price.

dumplings and more - Shiro - Rohit Dassani

dumplings and more - Shiro - Rohit Dassani

We never thought that the dumplings served at Shiro could be so different, delicious and damn beautiful! But here we are after the whole exotic experience that left as mesmerized and wanting to go again! Do enjoy the Dim Sip festival till 31st of this month.

Shiro – Dumplings and more at the Dim Sip Festival – Scorecard –

Food/Taste – 9/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 9/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 9/10
Shiro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Overall – 4.4/5

Indeed one of the best dumpling experiences!

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  1. Saravan says:

    The food photographs just made me hungry. Nice reviews.. I had had a great experience in Shiros, UB City a year ago.

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