Ladakh – The Ultimate Checklist

The Land of High Passes or ‘Ladakh‘ is a different ecosystem of its own. Ladakh is a cold dessert in the Northern part of India, where the weather changes every now and then. It could be raining, snowing, windy any minute. If you are planning to go there you need some specific items. Here is my checklist on some of the most necessary items (especially if you are planning for a bike trip or otherwise) that we took on our trip. It is advisable to wear cloths in layers so that they could be take off or added based on the climate.

The list is divided into four categories – first Clothes and apparels, second Medicines and Toiletries, third Electronics and forth Miscellaneous items, along with the links to some of the items.




List # 1 – Cloths – This is what you will need for a week. Items needed for bike trip are marked separately.

Cloths and Apparels Online Links
Thermal – 1
Jeans – 2 to 3
T-shirt – 6
Leather Gloves – 1
Monkey Cap -1
Balaclava – 1 Le Gear Pro
Heavy Jacket – 1
Woolen Socks – 6 RC Royal Woolen Socks
Riding Jacket – 1 (for bike trip only)
Inners – 6 pairs
Shorts – 2
Specks/Lens – 2
Face Mask – 1
Towel – 1
Thermal Shoes – 1 Wildcraft Amphibia
Slippers – 1
Belt – 1
Pullover/Light Jacket – 1
Riding Thermal Waterproof Gloves – 1 (for bike trip only) Scoyco Bike Riding Gloves

List # 2 – Medicines and Toiletries – You can make a small pack of essential medicines and toiletries that you might need on a Ladakh trip.

Medicines and Toiletries Online Links
Diamox (must)
Camphor (incase of low oxygen)
Sunscreen Neutogena Ultra Sheer
Shower Gel/Soap
Lip Balm
Moisturizing Cream
Crepe bandage
Paper Soap
D Cold Total/Vicks 500/Sinarest
Fash Wash
Nasal Drop
Body Warmer (an awesome product that will keep you warm) Warmee

List # 3 – Electronics – The beauty of Ladakh is mesmerizing and you would like to capture it as such as possible.

Electronics Online Link
DSLR/Camera Battery Charger
Mobile Phone
Mobile Charger
Power Bank Ambrane
2 Pin Multiplug GM Plug
Tripod Manfrotto Mini Tripod
SD 2 USB Card Reader SeCro Card Reader
SD Cards for DSLR and Phone
Full Tripod
Action Camera
Action Camera Extra Batteries

List # 4 – Miscellaneous – Some must have items.

Miscellaneous Online Link
Lock and Key-1
Half liter Bottle
Dry Fruits
Driving License (must for bike trip)
Itinerary Printouts – 2
Rope Royal strap
Swiss Knife
Jute Bags – 2 (to stop littering)

This is the checklist that we followed and you can add/delete items as per your needs. Go conquer Ladakh !!

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  1. Kankana saha says:

    I am travel freak guy often and very often roaming witg my sibling from north to south. Despite my tramendous performance as a traveller, i coukd not cover ladakh. Will as soon as the extremist tension of kashmir is quelled. Did nt read such a usefull to the point scientific report of ladakh travel telling u meticulously every point of requirement. Thanks

  2. Kim Mibram says:

    First of All, Thanks for Sharing this Amazing Post! It’s a perfect checklist. I would like to share this with my friends also.

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