Alchemy – Global cuisine in an Indian spell

Chancery Pavilion, one of the landmark 5-star luxury business hospitality chain in Bangalore is launching their contemporary fine dining restaurant called ‘Alchemy’. This restaurant is located on the 10th floor and gives a spectacular glimpse of the city’s skyline. The idea behind this restaurant is to transform Global cuisine into an Indian spell. Alchemy is inspired with the magical process of transformation by taking the five basic elements that constitutes the Universe and making the most delicious dish out of it. The menu is curated by Chef Hari Nayak, an acclaimed New-York based International Chef and multi-book author.

The ambiance is rustic and quirky with the use of black, gold and orange with a bamboo structured roof. There is even under the sun seating right across the bar. There is even a private lounge area for people looking for exclusive privacy. Alchemy will also be housing the first ever microbrewery where the hops will be imported from Australia, it is set to open next month. From concocting the perfectly blend with a desi twist to eclectic food choices, Alchemy brings a wide array of new treats for diners under one roof.

The bar here makes some of the most sorted concoctions when it comes to Indian cocktails. We tried The Ghazal, Melon Blush, Gondhoraj Mojito and the French Addiction. The Ghazal was delicious. But the Melon Blush was amazing with watermelon and a hint of egg white for the foam. If you are looking to try something new, then the Gondhoraj Mojito is a must have. The fresh lemon makes the drink super refreshing. We ended our meal with a French Addiction made with Cognac, Egg White, bitters in almond flavor.

Chef Hari keeps on experimenting with different ingredients and we got to taste one of his creations. The Paneer Samosa is a light pastry stuffed with Paneer and other condiment. The dish was simply delicious, and we hope to see it on the menu soon! The Tikki Trio came next, it is made with three different tikkis one each with Quinoa Beet, Kale and Spinach and one with Wild Mushroom Galouti. We really liked the Mushroom Galouti and the Quinoa Beet as they had new flavors. The Artichoke Aloo Samosa is a crispy filo cones filled with spicy artichoke and wasabi cream. The wasabi cream had a surprising effect on the filo and it made the tongue zing! For the appetizer we also tried the Arbi Tostones, these deep-fried arbi tuk is topped with Papaya salsa and Chipotle aioli. We could never make out the arbi until the Chef told us so. Really worth the try!


For the main course Alchemy really has some international influence. The Corn Chowder is taken straight from USA and given an Indian Twist. The Kale Saag was mildly flavored with Goat Cheese dumplings and fox-nut crumble on the top. The gravy wasnt flavoured to my expectations. The Five cheese Kofta was made with green chili olive stuffing and served with a smoked Makhani sauce. The Makhani sauce was way too simple for me and needed to be cooked a bit more. Both the curries were mild in flavors and can be best tried either with the Honeycomb Masala Bread or the Jalapeno and Peas Kulcha. Though, at Alchemy you won’t find any rice item in the mains it is very well substituted with the Lemon Quinoa.

The desserts at Alchemy has a different tale altogether as they are new and innovative. The Gondhoraj Lemon Mousse is the one that took us by surprise. The lemon crème is flash frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen and is served with lemon mousse and cake! It is a blend of extraordinary flavors. Next, the Mysore Pak Cheesecake is a makeover of the Southern classic. Mysore Pak is packed with Mascarpone cheese which is served with caramelized corn at the side. The combination of texture was remarkable. It reminded us how simple things can come together and create something so unique.

Overall, Alchemy is a modern and trendy restaurant that brings a wide array of new treats for diners under one roof with drinks and desserts to die for.

Alchemy – Scorecard –

Food/Taste – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Ambiance – 8/10
Quantity/Quality – 9/10
Alchemy - The Chancery Pavilion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Overall – 4.1/5

All the elements for success!!

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