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ReadyBowl is one the newest delivery options available to Bangalore residents. Their kitchen is located in Bellandur, Whitefield and BTM area at present. The prime focus of ReadyBowl is Biryani. While the menu also comprises of a lot of different type of Biryanis and a few other side and main dishes. ReadyBowl serves food from North Karnataka and Andhra to be precise. We ordered the food from their BTM kitchen and it reached us on time. The items were packed nice to avoid any spillage. 

ReadyBowl is known to serve, based on the quantity and you can try as little as 125grams of any dish and go upto a kilo. What is unique though is the fact that each of the biryanis contain 50-50 portion of rice and condiments. If you order a kilo of Veg Biryani, it is curated with 500grams of rice and 500grams of vegetables. We first tried the Gobi Kempu which is a local appetizer. The cauliflowers are mixed in a batter of rice flour, curd, chilies and then deep fried to perfection till they are golden brown. The taste was very different then the usual starters we try everyday. Being an authentic local dish this is a must try for any food lover.

Next, we had the Mutter Paneer along with some Fulkas. This spicy Mutter Paneer gravy is cooked in a rich gravy. The paneer were soft and the taste of the gravy was homely. At ReadyBowl you get the taste of authentic homely flavors in all their dishes. And lastly we tried the Veg Biryani. We tried the 500gram packing of the biryani which had almost 50-50 proportion of vegetables and rice. The taste was again different from the usual Hyderabadi Biryani.

We also tried a couple of their Paneer dishes like the Paneer Pepper Fry, Paneer Pasanda and the Paneer Biryani. The Paneer Pepper Fry is a spicy starter with lots of pepper, chillies and curry leaves. The taste of the appetizer was simply fantastic. The Paneer Pasanda at ReadyBowl was different in preparation. It had a rich gravy with grated paneer stuffed in a large Paneer piece. Awesome it was! We also had the Paneer Biryani which had Paneer gravy spread over the top! The Biryani also had loads of veggies and more paneer!

You can order ReadyBowl from all popular food delivery apps + their website.

ReadyBowl – Scorecard –

Food/Taste – 8/10
Delivery – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Packing – 8/10
Quantity/Quality – 8/10
ReadyBowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Overall Rating – 4/5

Ready for a bowl of different flavors!

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Rohit Dassani

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  1. Angelina says:

    Hey, I came across readybowl food at my friends house and I found the food quite delicious. We did order again and try out few dishes mentioned here and we found the service as per our expectation. I would like to recommend another great restaurant 48East which provide authentic asian cuisine which promise great qualtiy of food, packaging and promising delivery time and service.

  2. Tonny says:

    Thanks For Sharing Such beautiful information with us

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