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The landscape of the food industry is being changed very fast with different services at customer’s disposal. One of the newest entrant is Freskkoz, which is a service provider for sending professional cooks at your doorsteps in Bangalore. Freskkoz comes handy when you don’t want to eat outside everyday or don’t want to cook. Freskkoz helps you get home cook without any monthly commitment and at a very affordable prices.

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What makes Freskkoz so unique is the fact that you get your favorite meal cooked in your own kitchen and with your own ingredients. This makes this service very flexible which is especially designed for parties, get-togethers and individuals who need a break. Freskkoz maintains an efficiently organized network of home cook’s. The cooks go through rigorous background verification, personality, etiquette and cooking training, to ensure you have a differentiated, satisfying and enjoyable experience. As the cooks are trained in multiple cuisines, getting your favorite pasta or Manchurian is only a click away.

home food freskkoz

The service

We tried the service ourselves by placing an order on their mobile app. The app contains a more than 125+ pre-set menu dishes that you can choose from, but if you have a special need Freskkoz will take care of that too. These pre-set menu options also contains the ingredient used, making it easy to choose. We shortly received the cook details. As planned the cook arrived on time and started with the preparation of hygienic home-made food. The final price is dependent on the number of people for which the food needs to be prepared and the number of items.

We tried a couple of items like the Kadai Veg, Paneer Butter Masala, Dal Fry along with Roti and Veg Fried Rice. For the desserts the cook made the Sewai Kheer. What was really interesting was the fact that the cook was flexible enough to twist the recipe in case any ingredient was missing from our home. The taste of the food was really homely and tasty. We were surprised at the professional behavior of the cook who made it a point to get the best quality food possible.

home food freskkoz

How to get a Home Cook ?

Just order the home cook service from Freskkoz and forget the rest. At the end what is left is hygienic homely food cooked by professional. Visit Freskkoz website and download the app from Google Playstore to order today!

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