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The concept of energy bars is not new but only a handful of companies make bars that are low on sugar and have zero cholesterol or trans-fat. Yoga Bar was started in Bangalore / Bengaluru as a healthy eating bar especially designed to replace snacks and fast food. The bars don’t have any artificial sweeteners, preservatives or coloring agents. On the other hand the bars are made with ingredients like Almonds, Cashews and nutritional seeds, whole grains and Spices!

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Yoga bars are rich in macro nutrients like healthy fats, protein and also carbohydrates to keep us going all day long. They’re also full of vitamins and minerals to nourish our bodies and help them fight the stresses and strains of everyday life. Each Yoga bar is also a perfect blend of portion – just enough for a satisfying snack without the temptation of indulging in junk food. Oats, Chia seeds, Honey, Amaranth and dates make up each of the bar along with other ingredients.

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Yoga Bar come in exciting combinations and flavors and we tried a few like the:

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‘Cashew Orange Zest’ Bar which is made with Oats, Dates, Honey, Cashew, Cranberry, Almond, Chai Seeds, Amaranth, and Orange Oil.

‘Vanilla Almond’ Bar made with Oats, Honey, Dates, Almond, Sesame, Honey, Chia seeds, Amaranth, Cinnamon

‘Nuts and seeds’ Bar made with Oats, Honey, Dates, Almond, Cashew, Amaranth, Chia Seeds, Flax, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Sesame and Watermelon Seeds

‘Peanut butter’ Bar made with Oats, Dates, Honey, Peanut butter, Amaranth, Chia Seeds and Almond

‘Chocolate Chunk Nut’ Bar made with Dates, Oats, Honey, Cashew, Cocoa, Almond, Chai Seeds and Dark Chocolate

Each of the bar is priced at Rs. 35 only, making it very affordable and perfect for a healthy lifestyle. You may order them online as well from Yoga Bar website or find it in a convenient store near you.

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