Will Farzi Cafe live up to its expectations?

Farzi Cafe as the name suggests is all about illusion, fusion and an incredible journey of experiences. The first Farzi Cafe was started in Gurgaon about 2 years back and the experience was fantastic, read here. The outlet at UB City, Bangalore / Bengaluru is their 4th in India. The focus of this café is comforting food with emphasis on modern techniques of cooking and presenting. In short, everything at Farzi is different yet unique. This outlet also has a micro-brewery of its own which will start in a few weeks.

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The décor at Farzi Cafe is of a modern European bistro with open surroundings and a central bar. The seating is on revolving chairs and short sofas. The ambiance is lively with amazing numbers in the background. What is really amazing at Farzi Cafe is the staff members and their emphasis on hospitality of customers. Once you enter Farzi Cafe you won’t forget about it for the rest of your life. Ashish did an amazing job when it came to hospitality and made sure we are comfortable.

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Farzi Cafe blows your mind off with their first complimentary dish which is the Misti Doi Sphere. The bubble bursts as soon as you put in your mouth and releases amazing flavors of the classical Misti Doi. We tried a couple of drinks like the Chai Pani and the Farzi Apple Foamintini. The Chai Pani is a fusion of different tea flavors into a cocktail and the presentation is simply mind-blowing with flavored fumes coming from the jar. While the Farzi Apple Foamintini was served with mint foam on top.

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The mixologist Ammy created an array of unique drinks like the Shikanjvi, Three Musketeer, Bottle ka Gin. It’s an experience to the see the Blue Blazer being prepared as blue flames come out of the drink. But don’t forget to try their Chuski Margarita made with raw mango reduction and served with a chuski on the sides. The Farzi Idea is actually served in a bulb shaped container. What an idea sirji?

We were now ready to experience the magic of Chef Gaurav and his team. First we tried the Mini Raj Kachori served with Crisp Okra Salad and Chutney Foam. Experiencing this dish is like being in the streets of Delhi and trying the dish. The Crisp Okra Salad made the flavors balanced and who would have thought that Chutney could be served in the form of a foam created with the principles of chemistry and physics in mind. Next came the Dal Chawal Arancini served in a bed of tangy tomato dressing. This is also a classical homemade dish but reverses the chemistry altogether. For Italian food lover Farzi has the Tandoori Margarita Kulcha, with an Indian twist to this dish. The Kulcha was stuffed with mozzarella, basil and ketchup on top. The liquid mozzarella would flow from all sides and make you lick every bite of it. We also had the Vada Pao Inside Out, with the pao inside the vada to make things interesting.

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Farzi Cafe added a number of local dishes to please Bangalorean’s like the Chilli fried idli with beet root and ginger rasam; Besant Nagar Fried chillies with tamarind and chilli salsa. The Chilli Fried Idli is a must have, the ginger rasam would sooth your throat and the fresh Fried Idly would vanish in a matter of time. The Besant Nagar Fried Chillies is a dish inspired from Chennai were the chillies are deep fried in a vada batter and is filled with a unique stuffing, the gunpowder on top will only enhance the experience.

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For the main course we tried the Tandoori Wild Mushrooms with Truffle Oil and Walnut dust. The dish is quite heavy on the stomach and the taste of the silky smooth mushroom with cheesy sauce and truffle oil will leave you perplexed. The flavors from the truffle oil are so different and unique, amazing dish and a must have for Mushroom lovers! Next we tried the Pumpkin And Coconut Khao Suey, a Burmese dish made out of pumpkin with rich flavors of Kafir Lime, Thai ginger & Lemon grass. The dish is best tried with rice and each of the ingredient on top of one another. Lastly we tried the Coconut appam with Asparagus and Waterchestnut Makhani sauce. The appam is black in color as it is made from activated carbon. The appam is sprinkled with Gunpowder and the combination is explosive!

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Having tried almost all the desserts at Farzi Café earlier, we went for the new ones added to the menu. The Elneer Payasam Popsicles is a kulfi icecream made with coconut and served with pista. The presentation is simply stunning. The Fresh berries and Mysore Pak Tart came next. The Mysore Pak was given a tart shape and filled with delicious stuffing.

Farzi will leave you mesmerized with its food, hospitality and memories. Zorawar Karla did it again! A big thank you to all Farzi members including Chef Gaurav, Siddharth, Ashish and Ammy for their hospitality!

Farzi Cafe – Scorecard –

Food/Taste – 10/10
Service/Hospitality – 10/10
Value for Money – 9/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 10/10

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Overall Rating – 4.8/5

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  1. I loved the food clicks. Chuski Margarita is definitely on my list. Whenever I am back to my city-Delhi, I am gonna do this.

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