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The taste of North West India is now only a few miles away, as Kopper Kadai embarks its journey. Situated on the Jyoti Nivas College Road in Koramangala, Bangalore / Bengaluru. These traditional North Indian Dishes has been mastered by Chef Akshay Nayyar but with a twist, when it comes to taste and presentation. The experience at Kopper Kadai will take you on a nostalgic ride. The use of brass is evident everywhere you look around with a prime focus on the presentation of a dish. The ambiance is contemporary with comfortable seating. As soon as you walk-in you would see 7 large kadai’s which signifies the signature curries at Kopper Kadai on any given day. The ceiling is decorated with 172 spoons signifying the number of spices in the kitchen, yes 172!

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The first item I tried was the Chatmola Fatafat, a khatta metha cola drink with lime and Jaljeera. The drink is great for digestion and a must try as it is made from the khata metha piles we had in our childhood days.  We also tasted the Salted Patialey Wali Lassi which had the smoke flavor from a coal. The best part is it comes in a toy truck. I also tasted the Lemon Shikanji and the Kiwi Ambi Panna. The Lemon Shikanji is made from lemon mint with a hint of Kokum and can we customized as per your needs. The Kiwi Ambi Panna was a twist to the indigenous Aam Panna. All the drinks were a combination of different flavors not usually found.

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For appetizers we had the Challi Kolmi Kebab, a Crispy corn and Potato Kebab and served with Sarson ki Chutney. The flavors and presentation was out of the world. Next we had the Sarson Ki Champey, a dish made with Soya Chops in tandoor with a margination of mustard and nimboo achaari masala. What a dish! I also tried the Puchka, the taste was simply amazing. The Achari Hari Bhari Seekh was made from minced spinach, green pea and then fried in Bhatti. Very subtle in flavor and just melts in the mouth.

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For the main course we tried the Warqi Dal E Dastaan and the Kacchey Aam Ki Karari Bhindi. While the Dal was mushy yet creamy and topped with silver foil. The rich taste of Punjab and North West Frontiers can be so closely seen in this Dal! The crispy Bhindi dish was tossed in with raw mango. Though I am not a big fan of Bhindi, but this preparation blew my mind. I tried this curries with Lachaa Paratha, Pankhuri Roti and the Naan’s. We also tasted the Vegetable Biryani with Raita, flavorsome!

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After such a sumptuous meal we were so looking forward to try some authentic North Indian desserts. The first one we tried was the Batessa Cake, a typical Punjabi dessert which was not very sweet but made in desi ghee. Next came the Dilli Wali Fruit Cream, this famous Delhi styled dessert was made with fresh cream and fruits. This again was not sweet but was sweetened from the fresh fruits. Loved their Nutella DodhaLava, a cake made from inhouse Dodha barfi outside and Nutella inside. The last was the Gulab Jamun Biskit, a dish made from Baked Gulab Jamun, Rabdi with cookie crumble. The presentation was stunning!

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Kopper Kadai is a must if you’re missing the North Indian dishes. The taste and presentation of each of the items has been so well thought through!

Kopper Kadai – North Indian Dishes Paradise – Scorecard –

Food/Taste – 9/10
Service/Hospitality – 9/10
Value for Money – 9/10
Ambiance – 8.5/10
Quantity/Quality – 9/10

Kopper Kadai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Overall Rating – 4.4/5

Probably one of the best North Indian restaurant in Bangalore / Bengaluru.

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  1. Alvaro Brown says:

    North Indian dishes sound about tempting at the moment. I’m starving!

  2. ARVIND says:

    Amazing Photos, Nice Review
    What a creativity in presentation, food preparation and ambiance
    Would try definitely.
    Thanks Rohit for such a wonderful find.
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