Complete Meals from Meal Diaries

What is Meal Diaries?

Meal Diaries is yet another Food Delivery option for Bangalore residents. The focus for Meal Diaries is homely cooked food with an equal emphasis on Indian as well as various global cuisines and even salads. The menu is set weekly and you have the option to choose the time-slot of when you want the food to be delivered to you. The menu keeps changing often and new items are introduced every now and then. What really sets Meal Diaries apart from other competitors is the fact that each of the items come as a complete meal including salads and other condiments with it. The Bangalore Food Delivery market has seen a lot of players recently.

Meal Diaries Rohit Dassani Bangalore Food Delivery

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We ordered a few items from the menu and each of the item was neatly packed and the food reached me precisely on time.

What to eat?

Veg Vietnamese Salad – Mild salad with lettuce, capsicum and other veggies finished with sesame seeds.

Chilly Potato Pita Pockets – Pita Pockets stuffed with chilly Potatoes. The pita were soft and came with a mixed vegetable salad.

Meal Diaries Rohit Dassani Bangalore Food Delivery

Veg Pasta Arrabiata Meal – Spaghetti Pasta with Arrabiata sauce, the dish is served with garlic bread, potato wedges and salad.

Veggies in Chilly Basil with Garlic Butter Noodles – The dish comes with Butter Garlic Noodles and Chilly Basil gravy with salad and wantons. The wantons were really amazing in taste.

Meal Diaries Rohit Dassani Bangalore Food Delivery

Gobi Matar with Pakodi Kadhi Meal – Probably the best item on the menu, the taste of the Gobi Matar was outstanding and came with plain parathas. The Ghee Fried Rice was served with Pakodi Kadhi, both were simply fantastic. The meal is one of its kind. A must try!

Corn Capsicum Paratha Meal – Corn Parathas served with Chole and pickles. The taste of the Chole was good.

Meal Diaries Rohit Dassani Bangalore Food Delivery

Meal Diaries – Bangalore Food Delivery – Scorecard

Food/Taste – 7/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Packing – 7/10
Quantity/Quality – 7/10
Meal Diaries Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Overall Rating – 3.7/5

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