Why would I never order from Swiggy again?

Well ordered Ammi’s Biryani from a food delivery app called Swiggy. The food was warm and reached on time. The packing was also done nicely in a cardboard piece with a portion of Veg Hyderabadi Biryani along with a mint-curd chutney and another a tomato based chutney. Also ordered a small portion of Achari Aloo.


The Biryani had paneer and corn pieces sprinkled on top. The taste of the Biryani was utterly disappointing. Who uses Babycorn in a Hyderabadi Biryani? The use of  corn pieces on top was a disgrace to this amazing dish. The lack of salan and raita was a big bold mistake. The accompanying mint-curd chutney was so so but the Tomato based chutney was awful. On top of that the Achari Aloo were made from this tomato chutney only. Had to throw everything away. Had the worst Biryani experience.

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On top of that I dont blame Ammi’s, its a fault of Swiggy who doesnt even screening the outlets they support. Please order from known places only and if the rating is bad, the food is ought to be bad! Please dont order from Swiggy as they have made the experience of food delivery an utter disgrace. And on top of everything they didnt even respond to my complain! Dont seem to offer much on Customer Satisfaction.

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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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20 Responses

  1. Madhavi says:

    I had received an incomplete order from Fujian on 24th on 11/06/2016. I had ordered a Thai chucken green curry which usually comes with a portion of rice but the rice was not delivered. When I called the customer service to raise a complaint, the service agent was rude and unhelpful. He insisted that since rice is not mentioned in the cart, swiggy is not responsible for delivering it and as per him the order was completely delivered. I tried reasoning with him and even told him that I had called the restaurant and confirmed that rice is included in the dish but he was not willing to accept any responsibility for it and didn’t offer to even check with the restaurant. I am extremely frustrated with this experience. I had to cook my own rice which actually defeated the purpose of ordering out! I intend to post this review on every platform available to me.

  2. Karina says:

    Lol, how can you blame Swiggy for the quality of the food! You can only blame yourself because you chose to order from the wrong place.

  3. Harshil says:

    #SwiggySucks on 16 oct, 1pm Ordered(1069553321) Chicken Biryani and Dessert but got Mutton Biryani instead. I called and asked for refund saying entire order to be returned. They said they will pick up entire order and refund full. They made me keep waiting but nobody came to pick up. at 8pm I was told they will not pick up order so i threw out entire order. I followed up for refund for next 7 days everyday but they gave me partial refund saying desert was correct delivery. Swiggy, you can loot customer like this because we don’t have time to complaint and sue you for small amounts. But I am not ordering again from your app. FUCK YOU SWIGGY!!

  4. Eshwar says:

    Swiggy is not sending the food from the actual restaurants you order. Please call and confirm from the restaurant one you got the order. Make sure you get the bill. There are lot of incidents happened where the restaurant food when you eat is different from when order from swiggy.

    Better don’t order any food from swiggy.

  5. Very bad service. They should improve their service delivery quality a lot. Detailed mobile app review: http://www.productlocus.com/2016/11/20/product-review-swiggy-a-food-ordering-mobile-app/

  6. priyanka says:

    I had a similar horrible experience from Swiggy .
    Had ordered a paneer masala dosa from Agarwal Bhawan .I have had food before in Agarwal bhawan and its good .
    But the food the delivery person got was pathetic , Am sure it was not from Agarwal bhawan.
    This would be last time am ordering from Swiggy.

  7. Ritika says:

    Pathetic Customer Service
    I’ve received spoiled and leaked item and before I could show it to the delivery guy he ran away. And to top it all when i send the pictures of the same to the customer service they said to pay only 50% refund on the item that was spoiled and leaked !
    What kind of professionalism and justice skills you people have ?

  8. Payal kumari says:

    Yes indeed swiggy is a worst place to order your food specially when you have to order for someone’s birthday. They will ruin it as they spoiled surprise for my sister. As I m living cities apart from my family and I ordered a cake for my sisters birthday, the delivery time was 55min and it took 1:30min for the delivery boy to deliver the food, so I had no another option and I had to cancel the cake because it was around 12 p.m. The customer service over here tried to cover up there staff mistake by saying he meet an accident. I was in touch with the delivery boy also and he didn’t tell anything regarding the accident. They just know how to fool people!!!!
    Try foodpanda
    But NOT swiggy, worst place to order!!!

  9. SANJAY KUMAR says:


  10. Vishal says:

    Swiggy promises to pass on any specific instructions to restaurants. However, they don’t actually do it and the restaurants just send the same food. Never using them again!

  11. Jaahnavi Sivani says:

    Swiggy is the worst delivery app ever. It’s completely true. I ordered only rasmalai from shyam bhojanalay and he took too much time to deliver it. The address is always wrongly pinpointed and when I explained the address to the delivery guy he wasn’t paying attention and kept on saying that he couldn’t understand the address. We live very close to the bus stop but he wasn’t listening when I told him the address. After delivering he was demanding me to give money because he wanted to drink cool drink. Isn’t it too much. I missed the delivery guy’s call twice by mistake. Me and my mother were talking to the delivery guy politely but he was shouting that he will never come here again. WHO THE HECK IS HE TO SHOUT AT ME AND MY MOTHER. So me and my mother shouted at him too. I will never ever order from swiggy, ever again.

  12. Rakesh Vishwakarma says:

    Swiggy mean worst service , worst delivery app ever even made for making fraud to customers from Swiggy or their delivery boy.
    Never can recommend ..

  13. GAUTAM says:


    i have all the valid proof , how could SWIGGY hire worst restaurants to deliver food who dont know how to pack and how to make good food, Swiggy i feel looted from you guys, Shame on you!


    My first swiggy Order No: #39776852495 placed at: 01/05/2019, 02:37 PM in Kolkata for food for Apanjan had two units of an item missing. When I logged on to the app there was no idea of a refund. It is utterly disappointing that such unethical practices thrive.

  15. Abhipsha says:

    Swiggy provides really bad service to customers . I ordered food many time but every time either they deliver it after and hour or they even cancel the order after an hour .

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