Kolkata – The City of Street Food

After careful thinking it came to me that I should write about the food that is closet to me and give me the inspiration to enjoy food like no other. Yes we are talking about the Street Foods of Kolkata or in other words the most famous of them all. In this journey we will talk about Puchka, Kathi Rolls and Chola Bhatura.

Rohit Dassani

Puchka – Puchka is to Kolkata what Pani-Puri is to Mumbai and Golgappe is to Delhi. This item has many different names as well like Gupchup, Bataasha and so on depending on where we are in India. This popular street food is no stranger to Kolkata where it is sold by individual’s carrying payloads of this snacks on their heads every evening. Small stalls are setup on every nook and corner of the City of Joy.

The thing that makes Puchka the most popular among any other Street Food is the fact that is has all the flavors in it, right from an huge crispy outer layer with stuffed masala mashed potato and tangy as well as sweet flavored water. Puchka’s in Kolkata is just different than any other place in India as the size of the puri is quite big and the flavored water is made out of tamarind, chilli paste and other condiments.

Some of the most popular Puchka stalls can we found in front of Vardhan AC Market, Metro Plaza, Howrah AC Market, Satayanarayan Market and Esplande. The list is not close to finish and there are other vendors who makes amazing Puchka’s as per the customers demand. Incase you are trying Puchka’s in Kolkata don’t forget to try Churmur (made from Potato pieces along with either mashed bhalla’s or crushed pani puri’s with tamarind chutney)and Aloo Chaat (made from boiled potato pieces and tangy tamarind chutney). There is no doubt why this street food is the most popular as it is filling and once you start eating you just can’t stop.

Kathi Rolls – The invention of Kathi Rolls happened in Kolkata during the 30’s. The popularity of this street food has reached almost all the continents where it is sold as wraps. Kathi Roll is made from a Kathi or roti made of white flour and stuffed with either vegetables, panner or different meats. The Roti is deep fried in a lot of oil and then skewer vegetables or meat is put inside the roti and rolled to make it easy to eat. Every part of Kolkata has its own version of Kathi Roll but some of the most prominent ones could be found in the Esplanade – New Market area and Park Street.

Chola Bhatura – Chola Bhatura is a very popular snack item in the Northern Parts of India. But this dish has undergone a twist in Kolkata. The chola gravy is not thick like in North India and the Bhature’s are not puffed. On top of that, the dish is served with different chutneys. To try this exclusive dish you need to visit the New Market area which houses few shops. This dish is enjoyed by thousands of people on the streets of Kolkata. The reason to put this item here is the fact that the Chola Bhatura of Kolkata is just delicious.

Kolkata is just home to a variety of Street food like Jhal Muri (Puffed Rice with other vegetables and condiments), Ghugni (chickpea/white peas with tamarind chutney and other condiments). Enjoy the culinary delights of the ‘City of Joy’.

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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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  1. chwringhee says:

    Thank you for sharing this information and Very good looking blog.very informative article.
    laxmi nagar restaurant, indian food

  2. Rajat says:

    golgappe is my fav street food. It was really a ‘mouth-watering’ experience reading this post

  3. Ok so I just returned from a weekend trip to Kolkata. Thought not as much as Delhi, this city has so much to offer as street food. And while the dishes are varied, I like Calcutta’s old world charm that hits you as you sip on some lebu cha amidst Victorian buildings and along English streets 🙂

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