Hangout and Chilling at AMPM Cafe & Bar

AMPM Cafe & Bar reminds me of the college days and the time spent with friends. Located near the Rajouri Garden Metro Station, New Delhi just above “The California Boulevard”, the place is lively occupying two levels of the building. The top floor has an outdoor seating as well as a part has indoor seating. The white and black posters on the walls take you to the 70’s while the black leather seats come from the 80’s. The music was soothing which makes you groove. The place was completely occupied at 4pm on a Saturday evening.


Drinks –

Lychee Caipiroska – Drink with the citrus flavors of Lime and Lychee. The drink was a bit stronger than expected and need a bit more Lychee juice. 7/10

Hurricane – Cocktail made with Orange juice and Grenadine with mint. 8/10

Love Portion – The color of this drink was bright red with the combination from Apple, Strawberry and grape juices. 8/10

Blue Margarita – Blue drink made from Blue Curacao, Lime and Sugar with salt on the rim. 8/10

Red and White Sangria – Mixed fruit Sangria with Red wine and White Wine respectively. 7/10


LIQUORGY Bartender Shots – Don’t forget to try these shots, made from Jager, Tequila, Red Bull and triple sec. The idea is to drink these, one by one in a certain order. An absolutely amazing experience. 10/10

Sheesha –

Paan Kiwi Sheesha – Love the flavor of Paan in almost anything and this sheesha was smooth. The taste of the Kiwi was very subtle. The staff changed the coal from time to time ensuring a hassle-free Sheesha evening! 8/10


Food –

Tomato Bruschetta – Bruschetta with filling of tomatos, onions, garlic and herbs. Topped with generous amount of cheese. 8/10

Mix Veggie and Chives Dimsums – Dimsums made from finely chopped vegetables mixed with Chives. 8/10

House Salad – Homemade salad with lettuce and tomatoes. 7/10

Tropical Veggie Burger – Delicious Burger with potato fries and served with salad. 8/10


AMPM Veggie Pizza – Veggie burger with Panner, Onion, capsicum. Loved the thin crust pizza and the use of herbs. 8/10

Crunchy Corn – American sweet corn deep fried then tossed with onion, capsicum. The corn were perfectly fried and the sweet and salty flavor was delicious. 8/10

Tangy Button Mushrooms – Deep fried Button mushrooms served with fried noodles. These mushrooms are then tossed in tangy sauce to give it a perfect twist. 8/10

Crispy Shitake Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoots – Thin sliced crispy Shitake Mushrooms with bamboo shoots. A typical Indo-Chinese dish with sweet and tangy flavor from the soy sauce. 8/10


Dessert –

White Chocolate Parfait – Almost divine White chocolate Parfait. Dig in, it doesn’t get better than this. 9/10

Classic Tiramisu – Perfect flavor of coffee in AMPM’s classical Tiramisu. Super light dessert. 8/10

Blue Berry Baked Yogurt – Baked Yogurt with subtle flavors of Blue Berry. 8/10

Hazelnut Cheese Cake – Another great dessert, layered chesse cake with Hazelnut flavor. 9/10


AMPM Cafe & Bar really stands out when it comes to having a great time with friends. The entire atmosphere was so lively that I would be visiting it soon again.

The Scorecard:-

Food/Taste – 8/10
Service – 9/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 9/10

Overall Rating – 4.3/5
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Must Have: LIQUORGY Bartender Shots, Hurricane, Mix Veggie and Chives Dimsums, Tropical Veggie Burger, White Chocolate Parfait, Hazelnut Cheese Cake

Crazy times, crazy experience.

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