Best Thai Food in Delhi at ‘Dao’

‘Dao’ is known to serve authentic Thai food. Located in GK 1 – N block Market it is one of the star restaurants in the market. The restaurant is on the 1st floor and shares the same premises as Aniq (read the complete review), an Oriental Bar and Lounge. The ambiance is remarkable with Thai settings. The wooden work and lamps reminds of being in an exotic environment. The entire place is filled with Thai Lamps and is fitted with low dim light bulbs.


Dao is one of the places where you can find exotic Mocktails and cocktails. Here are a few we tried:-

Kiwi Mocktail – A Kiwi and Orange based Mocktail which would keep you energized. 8/10

Watermelon Mocktail – Subtle taste of watermelon, super refreshing drinks for summer. 8/10

Mr & Mrs Mischief – Fig based cocktail with lime and mint. Innovation at its best, do try this. 9/10

Classical Mojito – Classical indeed, a refreshing drink with lots of minty flavors. 9/10


Vegetable Crispy Salad – Deep fried vegetables tossed with Thai sweet and sour sauce. Super snack item and very light on stomach. 9/10

Pat Sui Ew – Stir fried thick flat rice noodles tossed with exotic vegetables in soy sauce. 8/10

Spring Veg Sui Mai Dimsum – An interesting dimsum with exotic vegetables and topped with crunchy Pomegranate seeds. 8/10


Thai Rice – Khao Phad Tom Yam – Stir fried rice with spring onions and lemongrass in sweet and sour – tom yam sauce. 8/10

Jasmine Rice – Super fragrant Jasmine rice. 8/10

Thai Veg Green Curry – Cooked in exotic vegetables and coconut milk, there is no better curry to go with the Jasmine rice. 9/10


Choco Lava Cake – Chocolate lava cake with Vanilla Icecream. 9/10

Tab Tim Grob – Water chestnut in coconut milk. The presentation of the dish is remarkable. The use of crushed ice just adds another dimension to the dish. 9/10


The service is amazing at Dao and special care is taken to make sure every customer is happy. Thanks to Mr.Manoj for the hospitality. Dao recently started home delivery to nearby places, making sure we are never hungry for Thai food. Thai food is very light on stomach and you would never feel filled unlike any other cuisine. The food is a bit on the sweeter side and I simply love it. No doubt Dao serves the best Thai food in town.

The Scorecard:-

Food/Taste – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 8/10

Overall Rating – 4.1/5
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Must Have: Mr & Mrs Mischief, Vegetable Crispy Salad, Thai Veg Green Curry, Tab Tim Grob

Nothing less than an exotic experience.

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