Go Cinematic at ‘Lights Camera Action’

‘Lights Camera Action’ or LCA is a Bollywood themed lounge just close to the Rajouri Garden Metro Station, Delhi. Welcomed by The Iron Man, the restaurant is situated over 2 floors one being an open Air-bar. Here is an exclusive review about the restaurant concept, theme and food which become operational just 3 days back. The Bollywood/Cinema theme is all over the place, right from the tripod tables to the cinema lights to the bar setting to the selfie wall to the sharabi glasses. LCA has an inhouse DJ that plays great numbers and keep the party mood going.

Lights Camera Action

The concept of Lights Camera Action is unique and can be seen deeply embedded unlike other places. The staff members wear Bollywood t-shirts with interesting one liner. Lights Camera Action is written in bold letters on one of the walls while the other wall is decorated with captivating posters. Don’t forget to read them out loud. The menu is designed completely keeping the Bollywood names/dialogues in mind. LCA is one of the few restaurants in Delhi NCR were you can experience fusion molecular gastronomy coming alive infront of your eye.

Lights Camera Action

Here are some of the foods we tried at Lights Camera Action:-

Banarasi Lassi Sphere – Molecular sphere of Banarasi Lassi topper with Pista crumbs and saffron strand. The sphere burst as soon as it is put in the mouth. The outer layer acts as the malai while Peda is blended together. Great concept and presentation, Comes complementary! 8/10

Rangeela Kaun – 3 types of flavored Popcorns including a Peri Peri flavor. Made instantly, super fresh. 8/10

Social cold coffee shake – Amazing sweet cold coffee shake. Served in ceramic glasses with interesting prints. 9/10

Chamak Chalo – Best for summer, an Orange leafy salad with 3 dressings. 8/10

Lights Camera Action

Mojito – Amazing Mojito with lime and mint. 8/10

Rajinikant’s Early Morning Tea – South Indian Rasam presented in a tea format. Fried curry leaf’s represent the tea and coconut dextrose act as the whitener. See magic happening before your eyes when all the ingredients combine. Amazing flavor of the Rasam, must try! You will not get this anywhere else! 10/10

Lights Camera Action

Hollywood Nitrogen Papdi Dhokla Chat – Entire Chandi Chowk chats come alive before your eyes. Instant Frozen yogurt with liquid nitrogen topped with 3 types of chats – Papri Chat, Dhokla Chat and Spinach Chat! Chef Aman’s artistry to rehydrate the Dhokla was mind-blowing. The taste of this platter was delicious! Go crazy at LCA! 10/10

Andaz Apna Apna – Lebanese Platter with Cheese Samosa, Falafels and Rice poppers. Comes with 4 different dips including garlic aioli, Baba Ganoush etc and served with Pita breads and vegetable pickle. The Falafel was super moist and tasty. The Cheese Samosa just melted in the mouth and the rice popper was incredible in taste. 9/10

Lights Camera Action

Bruce Lee Ki Broccoli – Malai Broccoli in a new avtar. Served in a pan and topped with creamy cheesy sauce. The charcoal flavor gives the broccoli a smoky taste. 9/10

Vegetarian Murg Tikki – Soya Chap grilled in tandoor with other vegetables. To make the smoky flavours even more evident smoke is added to the jar. 8/10

Pyaar Tune Quesadilla – Mexican Quesadilla fusion created with Kohlapuri flavours. Served with salsa and aioli. The Quesadilla were sweet, tangy and spicy. Delicious! 10/10

Lights Camera Action

Bole Toh? – Oreo cheese Cake topped with Rabri. The presentation is amazing and the taste was even better. 9/10

KhudKushi – An entire ‘Tiramisu Deconstructed’ with custard, gems, brownie, chocolate and so on by the use of liquid nitrogen. 9/10

Lights Camera Action

Lights Camera Action is not just a themed restaurant but also a place to try some amazing molecular gastronomy food. The place offers value for money items that is bound to make you smile. You can also try Sheesha at LCA with your loved dear ones. Had a great time talking to Varun, Vivek and Dinesh, the co-owners of this place!

The Scorecard:-

Food/Taste – 9/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 9/10
Ambiance – 9/10
Quantity/Quality – 9/10

Overall Rating – 4.4/5
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Must Have: Hollywood Nitrogen Papdi Dhokla Chat, Pyaar Tune Quesadilla and Rajinikant’s Early Morning Tea

LCA is bound to make your evening worthwhile at the one and only Air Bar in Delhi NCR.

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