Pirates of Grill, MG Road, Gurgaon

Was planning to visit Barbeque Nation but wanted to try something new. So bumped into Pirates of Grill. Well I would give thumps-up to Barbeque Nation for inventing such a unique dining experience with a live barbeque on your table. Pirates of Grill uses the same concept. It is located in few more cities and I tried their Gurgaon outlet at MGF Mega City Mall. Table booking is highly recommended or you may have to wait for hours. The atmosphere was amazing as we made ourselves comfortable and so was the music. One of the best things is to have open kitchens where you get to see and connect with your food and Kudos to POG for that.

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The morning buffet comes with a drink of your choice and we choose a Virgin Mojito and a Fresh Lime soda. The Virgin Mojito was fantastic whereas the Fresh Lime soda was a little sour and after few tablespoons of sugar syrup it was perfect. But the best was the Fuel Mojito, its a slightly alcoholic drink made from FUEL and it tastes fantastic with fresh mint leaves. Soon the live barbeque was placed into our table and skews filled with vegetables (yes!) started coming in. To avoid confusion the plates are marked as Green for the Veggies and Red for the Non-vegetarians.

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The live grill facility is enhanced with few marinates and dips present on the table to be applied on the veggies as per your preferences. Through the items on the grill are few compared to BN, but they are still wonderful. Especially the Mushrooms which are marinated to perfection and then grilled. They taste absolutely divine! Just loved it! The other items on the skew included Broccoli, small Potato’s, Tomato’s and Capsicum. All of them equally good! They even served a plate full of Poppadums, Onions and salads to accompany their starters.

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Next came in a set of starters including Punjabi Panner, their version of the Panner Tikka with embedded Peppercorns in it to give that extra flavor to the Panner while eating it. The Panner’s were soft and very well marinated. Goes really well with the green chutney! The Spider-MAN Pakora, no no there are no spiders in it but a Pakora with noodles on top and then deep fried. Was so so, nothing great. The best was their Potato Salsa, small potato’s deep fried and then a sauce of yoghurt and onions is applied on top. Absolutely divine. A must must try!

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Next came in the Crispy Pineapples, which had grilled Pineapples, very juicy and sweet and sour at the same time. They came in, in large skews and cut on your plates by the waiters. The waiters even took special care by bringing a plate of Crispy corn which was unavailable that day! The corns were deep fried in a spicy batter and then tossed with spring onions. Another thing which cannot be missed. The waiters came in every few minutes to ask us what we needed and if we liked the food! Well we loved the food!

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After having rounds of these amazing starters I was almost full, so didn’t try their Main course and went straight for Desserts! There were a few fruits and Gulab Jamun, which were as soft as silk and just melted in your mouth. Have never eaten such amazing Gulab Jamuns in my life! There was also a dark colored halwa, which read Pudding Halwa. Amazing use of chocolate cake to make a halwa! Wow what a concept. The Beetroot Halwa was so so. The best was the Mud Pudding, the cream was so sweet to perfection.

Well overall, we loved the food. Missed having few more items on the grill. But the starters and desserts were just amazing. The buffet is great value for money and the service was flawless.

The Scorecard:-
Food/Taste – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Value for Money – 8/10
Quality – 8/10
Ambiance – 9/10

Overall Rating – 4.1/5
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