The Indian Economy – Facts and Figures

Here are some interesting facts and figures about the Indian Economy as of 2010 :-

Indian Economy
  • The 11th largest economy in terms of GDP of $1.43 trillion.
  • 4th largest economy as of PPP of $4 trillion.
  • Inflation rate – 8.43% as of December, 2010.
  • Population still below poverty line  – 37%.
  • Workforce labor of approximately 500 million people, the 2nd largest.
  • Unemployment – 9.4%.
  • Exports of $210 billion last year, 17th largest.
  • Imports of $327 billion last year, 11th largest.
  • External debts of $237 billion.
  • Foreign reserves of $300 billion.
  • Ease of doing Business Rank – 134.
  • Agricultural farm output 2nd largest in the world and employs 52% of the total workforce.
  • The largest producer of milk, pulses and Jute.
  • 2nd largest cattle population.
  • 2nd largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, silk, groundnuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • People without electricity – 600 million.
  • 700 million people use mobile phones, 2nd largest.
  • 3rd largest road network in the world.
  • But, 65% of the workforce earns less than `20/ day.

By 2035 India will be the third largest economy just behind US and China.

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Rohit Dassani

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  1. Sunakshi says:

    I knew just 5. 😀

  2. @Sunakshi : Good….. 🙂 hope u liked it.

  3. Good blog. This is really a good truth that Indian economy is really getting very good.India is among the five countries sharing 50 per cent of the world production (or GDP).

    Mike Astrachan

  4. @Kaisa : Yes thats is a bare truth…. just hope the corruption is subdued!! 🙂

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