Life’s so strange….

Life is so strange. Sometimes you imagine it, to be so lonely. Sometimes you feel its crowded. Even if its crowded, people around you dont matter and the people who matter are not around. So in a way, your lonely again.

Why is life so strange?
Why does it always happen?  
Why cant we figure it out?
Why doesnt any plan works as we want it to be?

How do we get the answers of all these questions? Who will answer me?

Life's so strange

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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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10 Responses

  1. megzone says:

    some questions are better left unanswered buddy..
    sometimes you have to trust your gut feeling.. that lil voice in ur head.. go with that flow.. and it shall never lead u wrong.. and even if u think at the moment things are wrong.. sumthing good will def be the outcome 😉
    load mat lo.. chill maaro 😉

  2. Yemiledu says:

    Hehe I ams strange too…Write another post When you find the answers..
    But I think this strangeness makes life more interesting and worth living!

  3. Sakshi says:

    I would- as long as I get them myself.

  4. well rohit,nice thoughts.. very genuine too…
    we all know and have heard – tht life happens when you are busy planning it…
    probably its abt the journey and not a destination.. and thts y – it accompanies with the crowd, being alone, laugh, cry, love, hate. . .
    keep writin.

  5. Jyoti Ajay says:

    life is what happens when we r making other plans,whatever happens it happens for the best.

  6. sakhii•• says:

    yes,its strange!!but thats how it was meant 3 be,for u, me n everyone;)

  7. Gyanban says:

    figuring out life by trial and errors is something most people do..but little do they realise..that repeated trials and errors also make the picture more hazy..

  8. Tangerine says:

    Jyoti Ajay has written exactly what I hd in mind!!! Ah! the mystries of life!!! Don’t forget to post the ans 🙂

  9. Magali says:

    These are some questions you might never get answers to!

  10. Shri Krishna says:

    Confusing Questions ????

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