10 things I would do before I die…

Here are the 10 things I would do before I die :-

1. Roam around the globe, visit every possible place on the atlas with my parents.
2. Buy lots a fast cars and bikes,drive them and love them.
3. Become a politician and clean the mess created by our politicians.
4. Work for NASA on any secret project.
5. Build a beautiful house in the Himalayas, with sophisticated gadgets and have my very own personal music library.
6. Become a activist and stop things like killing animals, cutting trees, protect endangered species, global warming.
7. Own a aeroplane like Air Force One. (practically not possible!!But in my dreams I do see this!!)
8. Be with everyone, who’s unconditional love makes me what I am.
9. After all this sophisticated lines, I still want to be simple.
10. I dont want to grow old.

I would like everyone to have a post on their things to do.

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Rohit Dassani

Rohit Dassani is one of the top culinary reviewer on Zomato/TripAdvisor for the last 5years. By profession he is a IT Professional who escapes to world of food whenever he gets a chance. You can reach him via contact page or email!

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15 Responses

  1. Yemiledu says:

    Hey thats a nice post!
    This makes me want to write on things I want tod o before I die.
    I will sure write it some time soon!


  2. Yes good…. atleast you remember after few year what u have to do one day!!

  3. bus sir..apne toh 10 sentences mein life ki puzzle solve karli…

  4. Nahi asi koi baat nahi hai…. yeh toh ajj ki wishes hai…. jaise jaise aggee jayege…. bahut sari chijee badal jayegi!!

  5. chitz says:

    good one…building a house sonewhere in the himalayas.thts cool..even i wud luv 2 do tht.:)

  6. @Chitz: Yes that has been a consistent dream of mine from last 2 decades!!

  7. chitz says:

    so,it is a childhood dream carried on… :),,good..i have lived in the hills 4 smtime,n believe me it was the best and most peaceful times in my life..especially if u like winter..

  8. rohit says:

    @Chitz : Yes it is. I just love those mystical mountains. The fog, the rain, the fresh cool air. the people. Ahaaaaaa…I can go on and on….I just love it for short!! Where do u live?

  9. Cursed♪♫ says:

    Just came across your blog!!
    If you do get an air craft, you gotta take me on a ride man!! 😀 Then maybe, I can call an angel and get her to increase your life span. (angels listen to nice girls, you see.) 😛
    Anyways, Hi!
    I’m Wink.
    I like your blog. 🙂
    Take Care!!
    Happy wish fulfilling!!

  10. hi!!
    I too don’t want to grow up 😉

  11. @Juhi : Thankz a lot for coming be here. Yes i would take you on a ride, if you promise me to give a good company.
    I dont want to increase my time span… u can keep it … but yes nice gurls “angels” are always welcome… u can wish something else!!
    keep rocking!!

  12. @Chocolate_Lover : Yes as u grow old u become so pathetic…. the best age is before 25… gosh!! Arent there any medication that helps you not to grow old?

  13. Cursed♪♫ says:

    Lol !! Ok. We sure will have a talk. Buzz me anytime 🙂

  14. writerzblock says:

    Nice post, Rohit. Really makes people sit back and think, what is it that we really want to do before we die?! I must do some shopping right away 😉 And thank you for visiting my blog!

  15. @Writerzblock: Yes run run….the sale would get over any time …. hehehe nice one!! I always wonder how much does a woman loves shopping?

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