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1st Tag Ceremony

I have been tagged by Neha, and as per the rule goes I have to answer all these questions and tag more people. I know tagging is stupid, but i guess it helps to...


Resolution Complaince Report

The 1st day of this year just passed by, does anyone remember that I made some resolutions for the New Year. Lets check what happen all day long :- Woke up late because of...


The New You

New Year is just around the corner. Its time to make resolutions and create a new “ME”. If resolutions dont work for you, its time to take oaths, pledges and all other forms. The...


Blackadder comes alive….

My theatre group “Tahatto” is back with the third show of the laughter riot everyone appreciated, “A Funny Thing Called War” at Kyra, Indiranagar, Bangalore on 27th december, 2009, 6:30pm onwards. If you are...


My Christmas Carol

In less than 72 hours we gonna BANG! Its Christmas time fellows….time for eating the favourite plum cakes and enjoying the traditional christmas carol.



Life can be good if you start taking decisions. Imagine yourself as a life-less creature going with the wind, flowing with the river, dont know what your true identity is. Your just an average...


The 1st Award Ceremony

Yes this is my 1st time. Thanks to Daman for giving me this award. Now its my time to return the appreciation  to all those bloggers whose blog’s I ‘LOVE’ to read. These are...